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Residential Window Replacement

Nation's Contractor is the leading window & door replacement company in Northern VA. Our windows keep your home comfortable while providing natural light, expansive views, and regulated airflow. We help you make the most of your windows as a window replacement company with a near-unlimited range of styles, sizes, functions, and features.

Available in a variety of residential window replacement styles, including double-hung, and side-by-side, these quality replacement and storm windows can be adapted to almost any type of home.

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There are many benefits to residential window replacement.

Benefits include:

  • Gives your home a consistent, attractive appearance
  • Improves insulation for warmer winters and cooler summers inside your home
  • Dramatically reduces transfer of hot and cold air between inside and outside of your home
  • Significantly reduces noise transfer between inside and outside of your home
  • Easier to operate
  • Easier to clean
  • Longer lasting

Our Window Replacement Brands. Quality you can trust.

Best Vinyl Window Replacement Options & Brands for Northern Virginia:


Softlite As a pioneer in vinyl windows, seven-time Partner of the Year winner and five-time Sustained Excellence winner. Modern science has proven that vinyl window replacement options far outperforms wood, and even aluminum, as an energy-efficient material for window frames. Best of all, vinyl enables those who value the traditional look of woodgrain to enjoy the appearance of wood along with the energy-saving benefits and maintenance-free ease of vinyl window frames.


Simonton Simonton offers award-winning, ENERGY STAR® custom replacement windows which will transform your home from the inside, out. Shop their vinyl residential replacement windows to find the perfect fit for your home. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, grille styles and patterns, colors and hardware finishes to create your custom replacement windows.


Provia ProVia offers its energy-efficient, custom home replacement windows in a number of popular window styles, including double hung, casement, awning, slider, bay, bow, picture and garden windows. Their aluminum storm windows are available as double hung, slider windows and picture windows.


MI MI is your single source for a wide range of remodeling and new construction windows. They offer some of the best replacement windows in the United States, with a variety of window styles, including our double-hung and double-slider windows available with energy-efficient double-pane and triple-pane glass configurations. If you are a homeowner looking to lower your energy bills, keep your home at a comfortable temperature, or upgrade its aesthetics with the best window replacements near you, MI has you covered.


Viwinco The two replacement window lines available through Viwinco are the Cambridge and Edgemont product lines. The Cambridge line is a premier window line and features additional upgrades and high-end thermal efficiency. The Edgemont line is a more-economical product line that offers advanced performance and affordability to every homeowner.

You're in luck, Nation's Contractor is a window replacement company near you.

Improving your home with help from our home window replacement company will protect your home and add elegance to its appearance.

The cost of window replacement is inexpensive. The best replacement windows are better fitting and provide you with stronger, more durable glazing and stripping to:

  • Reduce energy loss
  • Thermal & Cost Efficiency
  • Lower your utility bills
  • Adds Value to Your Home
  • Combine Great Looks

Window Replacement Cost

Your replacement windows, including the glass and frames, can run an average of $100 to $650. In addition to material, you’ll typically spend another $100 to $300 in labor. Overall prices range anywhere from $100 to $2,000 or more depending on several factors such as:

  • Window Type
  • Window Material
  • Window Size
  • Energy-Efficiency

The national average cost to install a typical double-hung, mid-range Vinyl replacement window can range between $550 and $850 per window installed, depending on your home’s location and other variables. Local homeowners can expect to pay between $5,500 and $8,500 for a typical project to replace 10 double-hung windows with mid-range double-pane, Low-E Vinyl-frame replacement windows.

Window Replacement Cost

However, depending on the type of the window-frame material, the price can range from $450 to $1,850+ per window installed, which accounts for much of the variation in the window-frame material (from the lowest to the highest: vinyl, fiberglass, wood), window type and size (double-hung, casement, etc.), brand (Renewals by Andersen are some of the most expensive brands), and the local differences in pricing from contractor to contractor within the same market.

Insider Tip: Normally, the more replacement windows you purchase for a single project, the less you will pay on a per window basis. Most jobs involve between 5 and 10 replacement windows per project, meaning you can ask for an additional discount for a larger project.



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