Nation's Contractor can help with our roof insurance claim for a damaged roof.


Roof Damage, Repairs & Insurance

Do you need roof repair in Northern Virginia? From whole roof replacements to spot roof repairs (and even exterior home repairs on siding, trim, windows, and gutters), Nation’s Contractor has the experience and value you need to repair roof damage and make your house whole again. We treat each project, homeowner, and roof with dedicated care and attention.

Storm damage repair made easy.

Northern Virginia has its fair share of big storms and heavy winds. The resulting damage to your home’s exterior, particularly your roof, can cause long-term problems for the structural integrity of your home and the furnishings inside. Nation’s Contractor offers decades of expertise in roof repair and restoration so that you can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

  • Roof leaks and flooding cause by heavy rains
  • Missing shingles and weakened seams from wind damage
  • Weight and stagnant moisture problems due to ice and snowstorms

When disaster strikes and the integrity of your roof is compromised by rain, wind, hail, ice, or falling debris (like trees and branches), call on Nation’s Contractor to assess the roof damage, stop the flow of water, and repair your roof with our recognized quality, expertise, and service.

Let’s fix your leaking roof.

A leaking roof will only get worse. That’s why it’s so important to fix a leaking roof the moment you notice exterior storm damage or interior water spots forming on your ceiling. Procrastination will only lead to more headache (and greater costs) down the line. Temporary repairs might mask the problem, but water will find its way in through the smallest cracks and gaps. A leaking roof should be addressed immediately to stop the damage before it spreads.

For leaking roof repair in Northern Virginia, trust the roof repair specialists at Nation’s Contractor. We’ll identify and isolate the source of the leak, and then repair it fast, efficiently, and expertly. Whether you’ve found a small accumulation of moisture or are being flooded with a steady downpour, our team is rigorously trained and certified across many types of roofing systems and roofing materials. We can get you back to dry in no time.

Nation's Contractor is your place for insurance roof replacements.

Does homeowners insurance cover a leaking roof or damaged roof?

That depends on your homeowners insurance policy and the coverage included in your plan. For many homeowners, roof damage is included, though it depends on what caused the damage and what it effected. For example, your insurance provider might cover roof damage caused by a falling tree on your house, but won’t repair the roof on an unattached structure, like a garage or shed. It’s important to understand your individual policy coverage and any applicable deductibles you might have. Nation’s Contractor can assist you in understanding these limits, documenting the damage to your home, and filing an insurance claim, if appropriate, to help ensure you get the full compensation warranted under your policy.

For storm damage and roof repairs in Northern Virginia, contact Nation’ Contractor for a free estimate, local advice, friendly service, and experienced repairs.

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